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L'Entrecôte Couronnée

price category:: 30.- to 60.-
022 732 84 .. <-Afficher No complet
5 rue des Pâquis Genève Genève 1201 46.20971 6.148
1201 Genève


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grade (195 votes)5.73 /
cuisine 5.91
atmosphere: 5.37
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bessond Utilisateur Verifie par SMS
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30-Nov-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
Une très bonne surprise. Une plat du jour au prix raisonnable (25CHF) comprenant un amuse bouche une salade verte et le plat principal. Celui-ci était simplement parfait. Des petits légumes croquants et fondants, une viande (du boeuf évidement) que l'on pouvait couper avec la fourchette et surtout, surtout une vraie petite sauce au vin rouge et pas un de ces sempiternel fond de sauce brun sans intérêt. Le tout arrosé par un pot de Gamay de la cave de Genève...que du bonheur. J'y retournerai le soir en famille pour connaitre plus en détail la carte. MERCI

Birdy1207 Utilisateur Verifie par SMS
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10-Jun-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
This small restaurant is a gem in Pâquis. The menu is well balanced. We almost went around and everything is very good or excellent. I highly recommend for kitchen and cozy atmosphere.

Antoine B.
Antoine B.
362 medals
11-Feb-11  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
(Lunch early-February 2011) framework: unchanged, getting old pub, traditional, effective. Service: Quick, efficient. It happens, it is placed, there is the choice to do the cooking, the meat arrives quickly, the second coming fast service is friendly and efficient at that. Cuisine: meat is quality, the sauce is rich in hope, excellent french fries. Always a moment of happiness. Conclusion: still a safe bet. Come right on time for lunch doors open at 12:00 and there are easily 10 to 20 people at the door, whereupon it is sometimes a little rat race where everyone wants absolutely THE best table . Do not be too late then. For if we can book, you can not do that once it's open course, and once the customers of the first wave have been installed so that someone has the time to answer the phone . And of course, at this moment, we can hardly book for the second service, say around 13h. The price of success, a well-deserved success.

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