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What are the regions covered by this site?
Currently this site covers:
  • Genève
  • Lausanne
  • Bern
  • Basel
  • Zürich
    You can select another region using the drop down list under the logo Resto-ranG.

  • How can I vote for a restaurant?
    Register first with your email. Is is free of charge. Note that your email is kept confidential and will not be disclosed!

    Which restaurants are listed on the site?
    Each and every restaurant are on the site. If one is missing just add it with the following link.
    » Add a resto

    This restaurant is not in the right price category!
    It is up to the voters of the site to decide which price category the restaurant belongs to.

    How many time can I vote for a restaurant?
    Once per month for the same restaurant. But you can vote for hundreds on the same day if you like.

    This restaurant has a great mark but is not listed in the top 20. How come?
    There is a minimum of 10 votes for a restaurant to be listed in the ranking.

    What does the mark stand for?
    The mark is made of 1/3 by the atmosphere mark and by 2/3 by the food mark.

    Why don't you include opening hours in your listing?
    The site philosophy is to be exaustive. If you wish to give us this information regularly for all restaurants, we will include it in the listing!

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