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Les Vignettes

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2 rue des Battoirs Genève Genève 1205 46.19162 6.14361
1205 Genève


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14-Oct-03  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
I was with Anouchka during his first visit to the Thumbnails. We went back with other friends some time ago. Frog legs are really good. They are served on plates galore, and are reported still hot. Nothing to say, really delicious. The framework does not look, but the meal bonus is really good and nice boss to perfection. An Italian who loves what he does and does not hesitate to try specialties (free) and provide the digestive, even during our first visit, when he did not know us. It is also hunting fresh but the test will be for another time.

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01-Jul-03  Give a medal to this user! Bookmark and Share
Have "landed" there by chance, we wanted a place to eat frog legs galore, something very rare in Geneva! Should not go to the frame, the terrace overlooks the Rue de Carouge (tram), but we were warmly greeted by one of the bosses, despite a banquet for 50 people. Very good frog legs galore for 28 .-! (Salad + fries), prawns galore for 34 .-, fondue, etc.. We spent a wonderful evening. In short everything was very good, salad, fries and thighs and Provencal sauce!

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