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Café Vaudois

price category:: 30.- to 60.-
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16 rue des Alpes Genève Genève 1201 46.20997 6.14515
1201 Genève


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grade (33 votes)4.8 /
cuisine 5.09
atmosphere: 4.23
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Antoine B.
Antoine B.
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Frame: no frills, not very fresh, but it gives an impression of true old cafe Vaud. Among the papers read there are 24 hours, of course. Atmosphere: mixed, with some social cases still more or less serious, and always at least a drunkard. I saw a full drug trip which had decided to eat fondue, persisted in trying to soak the bread in the cheese by hand is burned, seemed surprised, and again - sad. That said it also sees some friends came to share a fondue. Service: friendly, attentive, fast. Kitchen: I've never tasted the fondue, which is excellent, has strongly recommend without reservation. It appears that the meat is very good too, but I've never tasted. In short: not for a tete-a-head romantic, but for a good fondue, friends or even alone, the heat of service that can compensate possible lack of company. Antoine

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