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Les commentaires de cupcake

  • Le réservoir | 11-Apr-15 |

    We visited with the Assiette Genevoise & had a lovely evening.
    The restaurant was full, and yes a bit noisy, but unlike some restaurants where the tables can be packed closely together, here we didn't feel crowded at all. A trendy & modern setting.
    The food was absolutely delicious. We started with the foiegras, then I had the loup & my partner the beef tagliata. They were all excellent. The dessert, a fig panna cotta was bit disappointing compared to the rest.
    The service & kitchen were super slow, but given the good wine, the decent ambiance & our general good mood it wasn't an issue to us that evening. However, on another night it might have been a total mood spoiler, as the wait was ridiculously long, almost 45 mins between starter & main.
    Would I go again, for the food most certainly yes. Hopefully the kitchen would by then have gotten their act together on the timing.

  • La Bonne Affaire | 11-Apr-15 |

  • La Cantine des Commerçants | 12-Mar-15 |

    A modern & trendy restaurant with excellent service. Larger tables were available to accommodate groups or a communal eating experience
    We visited on a Wednesday evening when it wasn't too busy. The amuse-bouche offered was a delicious beetroot tapenade with toast we loved. The food in general was a 7/10. Each element on my plate was cooked perfectly, but I wasn't certain how well each element of the meal paired with the rest of the elements on the plate ...... Perhaps it's just my pallet?!
    Excellent wine by the glass.
    I'd return as I overall enjoyed the experience.

  • La Fumisterie chez Ernest | 02-Mar-15 |

    Given that the reviews are so mixed for this place I was a bit skeptical, but decided to try it anyway.
    The restaurant was not crowded, tables were not crowded together, the service was friendly & good. The food was a 7/10, good but not exceptional. I understood they changed the menu frequently to ensure seasonal produce & sometimes what was available in the market that day .....
    Good wine & super cocktails.

  • Café des Bains | 02-Mar-15 |

    An artsy restaurants busy even on week days. So book ahead.
    The tables are pretty close together, so not much privacy. A hip ambiance & the service is star quality. They were busy with a huge group & several smaller groups, but surprisingly the food was served with acceptable wait times & the staff didn't look stressed at all. Bravo !
    The food was excellent. The crab salad to start was small given the price, so maybe not to share. My scallops were perfect, my partner thought the veal cutlets tasted wonderful too. A tad on the expensive side with the clientele a bit chi chi ;), but a great restaurant.

  • Kenitra | 02-Mar-15 |

    A busy restaurant with mediocre food. I'm not sure if it's busy due to its reputation or the amount of ppl using discount cards. It's cosy, but you won't have privacy if that's what you are looking for ... The tables are very close together.
    The service is friendly, but the kitchen is very slow ... We waited over an hour for our tajine. My chicken & lemon tahini was decent, but I won't say I'll go back for it. The portion was pretty small, even though I must say the portion of lamb / fig tajine my partner had was decent.
    The best part of the meal was the dessert with filo pastry, poached apricots & a divine ice cream.
    Given the prices, which I find high for what it is, the slow kitchen & long wait , & not exceptional food, I personally won't be returning.

  • Da Renato | 23-Mar-14 |

    Busy, modern restaurant, which is family friendly. Good pizza & the other diners enjoying the pasta seemed happy too. None of the standard bolognaise, arrabiata, carbonara on the menu. So if that's what you are looking for you might be disappointed .
    Service I found pretty slow. However it was a Friday night , the place was full & they also seemed to have a lot of take away pizza orders.
    Generally a positive experience . We would return.

  • Le Dix Vins | 31-Jan-14 |

    Divine food with extremely slow service.
    A typical bistro style style restaurant, which as another reviewer noted I would not recommend for a romantic dinner and it's loud and the tables close together. DO reserve in advance.
    Sufficiently varied menu and yes, the food and wine are not cheap. The food is not pretentious (so don't expect beautifully arranged plates), the portions are sufficient and delicious. LOVED the calamaretti in garlic and whole roasted seabass. My partner's tournedos were cooked to perfection with the perfect sauce to accompany it. The dessert was a slight let-down after the excellent starters+mains, but acceptable.
    Starters are all around CHF 25, mains CHF 40 - 60 and desserts CHF 12 - 16.
    The service was really very slow (to extent of more than one table being annoyed about it) but polite.

  • Le Cheval Blanc | 24-Jan-14 |

    A small bistrot style restaurant in the village of Pupligne.
    The service is friendly but not overbearing. Relatively fast given that the restaurant was full on a Thursday night.
    There's a varied menu and in addition a blackboard with the day's specials. Quite an extensive wine list, but only a few open wines, which are reasonably priced.
    Delicious veal piccata and beef tagliata. The saffron risotto was also perfectly cooked.
    In regard to the price, I agree with one of the other reviewers that it is a little overpriced for the type of establishment it is. We visited with the Assiette Genevoise, hence the price was reasonable, but I would not pay double for what is on offer overall.

  • chez sami | 17-Jan-14 |

    Visited last night with the Assiette Genevoise and absolutely loved it ! Modern setting, varied menu and polite (but a little slow) service.
    Enjoyed the Lebanese Cabernet Sauvignon and the food was really delicious. We had a mix of hot and cold mezzes and everything was delicious, including the baklava dessert and mint tea at the end.
    Would certainly return.

  • nopizza | 01-Jan-14 |

    A menu of traditional and not-so-traditional pizzas. The tables are a little too close to each other and the service was a little slow, especially given the restaurant was not crowded at 7.00pm.
    The pizzas were a 7/10. Thin and crispy dough, just the right amount of topping. However taste-wise, not the best I've had .... it felt as though salt had been sprinkled over the pizza as my vegetarian pizza was overly salty !! I'd be curious to try the merguez-egg-peppers or minced beef-salami pizza. My partner tried the carpaccia pizza and found it good, yet also too salty.
    While it wasn't a bad experience and I'd probabaly try it again, if I wanted a pizza I wouldn't think of NoPizza as my place of choice.

  • La table | 01-Jan-14 |

    An unexpected discovery in old Carouge. A small restaurant with a limited menu, which appears to change periodically and highlight seasonal produce. Casual yet very polite atmosphere and elegant. Delicious food and a reasonable wine list. We would most certainly return. I'd highly recommend you reserve beforehand to avoid disapointment.

  • Chiang Mai | 26-Dec-13 |

    Expensive compared to the other Thai restaurants in Geneva, but perhaps the best. A small restaurant in the old-town. Casual yet elegant in its own way. LOVED the Phad Thai. Would definitely return.

  • Les Trois Verres | 06-Nov-13 |

    Beautiful ambiance, delicious food and friendly service. As one of the other reviewers mentioned, its not cheap. However the chic atmosphere and varied menu with highly quality ingredients I think warrants it. Highly recommend it.

  • La Colombe | 06-Nov-13 |

    Visited the restuarant today with my partner and 4year old son and I was pleasnat surprised. A typical Italian Menu with pizza, pasta, salads and some fish/meat options (Filet de perche, steaks etc). They also had 2-3 plats de jour options at lunch time. My partner ordered the venison which he enjoyed and said was better than what he'd had at fancier restuarants downtown. My pizza was thin with just the right amount of topping and crispy edges. Quick service and polite staff.
    I'd certainly recommend it if you are in the neighbourhood.

  • El Faro | 19-Sep-13 |

    I couldn't believe I'd lived in Geneva for si long & hadn't tried this restaurant!! Absolutely delicious food.
    We had some tapas to start & then a paella. The paella was actually better than some we'd actually had in Spain!!! Cooked to perfection with the right amount of seafood. Loved it.
    The ambiance is elegant in an old fashioned way. It's quite pricey, but completely worth it. I'd return certainly

  • Rajpoute | 12-Apr-13 |

    Perhaps the best Indian food in Geneva. Everything tasted delicious and unlike some of the other Indian restaurants in Geneva each dish actually tasted unique (not similar tasting sauces with a few chunks of meat thrown in) and freshly cooked. The naans were thin, not greasy and light. The lamb saagwala heavenly.
    It was a bit stuffy in the restaurant and humid (they really need a good exhaust fan), but then again this is not unexpected in a mid-range curry-house.
    Great for a delicious curry, but I wouldn't recommend it for a date or special evening out.
    I vote this my No.1 Indian Restaurant in Geneva.

  • Meskerem | 30-Mar-13 |

    We love Eritrean/Ethiopian food and have tried EVERY one of the restaurants in Geneva. I can confidently say this is the best !
    The ambiance is relaxed & the resto is a simple place. The tables at the back are a lot nicer & the ambiance warmer. So don't be deceived by what you see up-front. We had the Meskerem Royal & enjoyed every mouthful. I had requested the doro alecha insetad of the doro wot, but they made a mistake and brought me the doro wot. They promptly changed it with no hesitation at all when I brought this up.
    We will most certainly return. So glad we've discovered Meskerem !

  • Camilo's Place | 04-Feb-13 |

    The BEST pizza in Geneva. Can't comment on the pasta as I've never tried it, but the pizza and the desserts are divine. Excellent service and child-friendly. As another reviewer pointed out, the food is as good as their other restaurant Espresso Bar, with the added bonus of more space (there are tables downstairs in addition to the bar stools set-up upstairs) and a large terrace in the summer.

  • Luigia | 04-Feb-13 |

    I have no idea what all the hype is about !! What a disappointment.
    First there's a long wait for a table and confusion whether you really are getting a table in the order of arrival because there's people waiting everywhere at the entrance to be seated. The service is slow and the food very average. I've most certainly eaten better pizza in Geneva (try Camillo's, Espresso Bar or Boccalino for example), much better desserts (I regretted ordering the tiramisu) and experienced better service too.
    I won't be returning.

  • Yo mo Lounge SA | 16-Nov-12 |

    I agree with the below comment that it was good but not exceptional.
    The wait staff though I felt were extremely polite and the service was great.
    The ambiance was casual yet elegant. The food good, but not wouw. Unfortunately for me the Mana'esh, which some reviewers thought were fabulous I felt were a bit dry and boring (I took the one with the Zaatar). All the mezze dishes were delicious I thought.
    For open wine, they had just two reds, which were CHF 10 per dl, which is pretty expensive. They tasted fabulous though, so no complain.
    Will I go again, yes certainly, but somehow it didn't leave a big impression on me. Perhaps with all the hype I expected more ??

  • Ka-chon | 13-Nov-12 |

    I've reviewed this restaurant before as being a great Asian noodle bar, but the service and the attitude is really poor. The owner (I think she is) is rude and obnoxious with the clients. Their food is good, but I don't think such an attitude is warranted or client oriented. They basically have an attitude of "take it or leave it". I asked if the noodles can be divided into two bowls and the gentlemen we ordered with clearly said yes. Then when the noodles arrived in one bowl I very politely said to them that I had ordered it in two bowls as separating it was messy after the soup was poured in. The owner then snapped at us, said it was never possible to give it in two bowls (ehhhh why not ??!) and said we need to do it ourselves !!! So rude I was tempted to walk out. Not even an apology that they first said it was possible and then made a mistake.
    Was really disappointing and will reconsider if we want to revisit.

  • Café des Négociants | 01-Nov-12 |

    I was in two minds before we visited the restaurant last night. Looking forward to the gastronomical experience in one sense, but apprehensive because of the comments about the restaurant being snobbish.
    To our delight, the welcome was polite and inviting, the ambiance relaxed but elegant and the food simply sublime. A very well deserved 14 Gault Millau stars.
    Yes it is not cheap with the mains starting at CHF 40, but considering the prices in Geneva I felt the quality and standard of food justifies the prices.
    We will certainly be returning and I highly recommend it.

  • Entrecôte St-Jean | 12-Sep-12 |

    We visited this resto with the BuyClub Voucher and I was soo very disappointed.
    I purchased the voucher because of all the rave reviews people made, but the food was a disappointment. The restaurant is modern with a nice ambiance, but quite noisy, which is typical and expected. I imagined though that the meat would be delicious, but the sauce was really tasteless. My partner thought it didn't deserve to be called a sauce! Good french fries, but my "à-point" steak was over-cooked.
    The waitress was overwhelmed as she was the only one taking the orders, managing the bar & serving.
    The mouelloux au chocolate was liquid when we first got it and we sent it back to have it cooked a tad little longer. When it returned cooked a little more it was obvious they didn't pop the ice cream in the fridge while the cake cooked as the ice-cream was mostly cream and liquidified. So not a great experience at all for us.
    So my judgement is made. No.1 for Steak in Geneva is Wine & Beef. No.2 Relais d'Entrecôte and No.3 Café de Paris. Note this judgement is based not only on the food, but also the quality of the service and ambiance.

  • Holy Cow | 10-Sep-12 |

    Brilliant Burgers. Fast food at it's best !! It's actually faster that McDo and tastes a million times better. Really juicy burgers with the choice of the classics or exotic (think satay, mint/pineapple, Mexican).
    I'll have my burgers no where else but at Holy Cow.

  • Brasserie du Parc des Eaux-Vives | 10-Sep-12 |

    I've visited this restaurant 4 times with the Assiette Genevoise and we think the same thing each time, that we would not pay the full-price for the food.
    The ambiance is elegant but relaxed and the view absolutely breath-taking. The food though is very average and not inspiring at all. It's not that it's bad, but for the price you pay what you get is very mediocre. Pity because it can be so much more.

  • Le Boccalino | 10-Sep-12 |

    We are new to the neighborhood of Carouge so tried this restaurant on a Sunday night. To our surprise it was pretty full. The service was a little slow, but very friendly. The pizza was thin, delicious and not over-filled with cheese and topping. Just perfect. Loved the fact that they had a seasonal menu with gorgeous food such as a melon soup with mint sorbet, strawberry tiramisu etc. Will definitely return.

  • Restaurant Awash | 02-Aug-12 |

    I have visited this restaurant a few times over the past years and feel the standards have deteriorated. Having eaten at many Ethiopian and Eritrea restos in Geneva I found the food was very bland and tasteless. It is possible they cut-down on the spices to cater to clients with lighter palettes, but it has resulted in the authenticity of the food being lost.
    Unfortunately the next time I have a craving for Eritrean food I won't be going here. I do hope they go back to cooking their food the authentic way they used to.

  • Wooden Hut | 02-Aug-12 |

    We visited the restaurant by chance as the exquisite Kachon noodle bar downstairs was unfortunately closed and we were not in a mood to look for other options.
    The terrace is shabby and the waitress didn't even bother to wipe the cigarette ash scattered on my table when she set it ! They seemed a little irritated that most of the clients decided to eat there only because Kachon was closed.
    I was disappointed my pineapple and chicken salad starter was made with tinned pineapple. For CHF 15 (starter size) I expected fresh pineapple. Overall the food tasted 7/10, but the portions were small. The Prawn and tofu Phad Thai had just 4 prawns in it and it was half the quantity of the average portion you'd get at any Thai resto. And it wasn't cheap at CHF 28.
    In regard to service, I asked for the fresh thai chilies which every Thai resto has at arms-reach. It took them 10 minutes to bring it to me, during which I stopped eating and waited as I like my food spicy.
    In conclusion, not a Thai restaurant I would recommend and I won't be visiting again as neither the food nor ambiance were memorable.

  • Giardino Italiano | 14-Jun-11 |

    We enjoyed our evening at this contemporary Italian restaurant in the heart of the Grottes quartier. Good service, great food and interesting pizza toppings (foie gras, caviar etc !!) in addition to the regular choices. They also did large pizzas to share for groups, which I must say looked substantial.
    We had a beef Carpaccio and 2 pizza which were both crusty yet chewy and delicious.
    We will certainly return.

  • Da Paolo | 22-May-11 |

    Not the best Pizza or pasta in town and the service really can work on being a little friendly.
    I wouldn't say the food was bad, but I certainly won't be running back to eat here again. The food was mediocre, the service minimal and the ambiance busy. There are many better Italian Restaurants in Geneva.

  • Kirin Asia | 12-May-11 |

    We visited using our Assiette Genevoise card last night and would be happy to go there again.
    It's a small restaurant with a satisfying standard of service. The food I must say was divine!
    The best tempura I have ever eaten. So light it just melts in your mouth. The sushi and sashimi were delicious, but the beef teriyaki disappointingly chewy.
    Overall a good food experience and we would certainly return.

  • Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge | 13-Jan-11 |

    We visited the restaurant on a Thursday evening and it was pretty full. I would highly recommend reserving beforehand.
    Overall it was a very good dining experience.
    Very good food (LOVED the tournedos Rossini with the foie-gras and perfectly cooked beef filet), friendly and efficient service and a typical french bistrot ambiance. The tables are pretty close to each other, but then that's what you expect at a bistrot, right?
    We would most certainly be going there again.

  • Nomades | 15-Aug-10 |

    We visited the resto on a Friday evening and it was full ! Nicely decorated, small terrace and nice ambiance. Friendly service but somewhat slow given that one person was serving the entire resto.
    We each chose to have one of the two menus available.
    Excellent mixed mezze plate for a starter. Lots of variety and just the right quantities. My partner enjoyed the

  • Olé-Olé | 12-Jul-10 |

    A pleasant restaurant/bar to hang-out on a warm evening. We sat on the terrace and enjoyed 4 plates of tapas (for 2)and Sangria. The prices are reasonable for the portions you get and the food a 6 or 7 out of 10. I love the calamaris and spring rolls. The glucomole and fried chillies were nothing exceptional. The Sangria was good :)
    I saw quite a few people having the cheese burger which seemed to be good. Will try it the next time.
    The deserts are original (Nutella tiramisu, carambar flan) but disappointing taste-wise.
    Very friendly and easy-going staff.
    We"ve been there a few times and think we"ll continue to return.

  • Le Mosaïque | 08-Jul-10 |

    A very simple/basic restaurant.
    A meal of beef or chicken, lentils, 1 vegetable & a salad with Injiras costs less than 20 francs. I believe they also have an all vegetarian meal.
    I only get take-away and unfortunately calling ahead and ordering means nothing here! You wait the usual 15-20 mins anyway to collect the food. Obviously, the earlier you get there (6.30-7pm) the better as it is less crowded earlier in the evenings.
    Not the best Erithrean/Ethiopian food in town, but very satisfying for a reasonably priced take-out meal.

  • La crêperie des Pâquis | 07-Jul-10 |

    We visited on a Sunday for lunch. The service is not very friendly, but always polite. The pancakes were yummy except for the crêpe thon provencal :(
    The crêpe café de Paris was excellent with the meat cooked tenderly & topped with a scrumptious café-de-paris sauce. The crêpe tomate-mozzarella was not really flavourful, but light and fresh on a warm day.
    The crêpe thon-provencal was disappointing. A mass of canned tomatoes on the inside of the crêpe, with a HUGE tasteless dollop of mayonnaise+tuna+onion on top. Lots of space for improvement on this one!
    The crêpe with cream and maple syrup on the other-hand was just heavenly :)
    I"d certainly go back.

  • Le Lacustre | 02-Jul-10 |

    Excellent location with a beautiful view when sitting on the terrace.
    The food on the other hand is over-priced for what it is ! The majority of the starters were over CHF 20. An expensive dining experience for food that is very mediocre.
    As many others have commented it is indeed a touristic restaurant. I will not return for a meal, but would consider having a drink there as the location is great.

  • Le Grill at Kempinski | 26-May-10 |

    An elegant dining experience. We went on a Wednesday evening and the restaurant was a little more than half full. The service is somewhat slow but the food was very good. Highly recommend you try "simply the best", which is a steak each of Wagyu and Black-Angus. The Wagyu just melts is your mouth !
    Quite an expensive night-out, but the Wagyu made it completely worth it. We will return.

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