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Les commentaires de Mutsumi

  • Sauan | 01-Nov-15 |

    “Excellent Kaiseki cuisine”
    A very high-quality Japanese restaurant, with a few dishes showing real ingenuity and featuring some rather interesting ingredients.
    The chef in the kitchen is the Michelin 3-starred Kaiseki chef from Rhôtei Sagano. The dishes were all perfectly seasoned - not too salty like other places but carefully seasoned as Kyoto Kaiseki cuisine with Dashi taste) and thoughtfully presented in the kaiseki course.
    The service is also excellent and lives up to expectations of a high-end Japanese restaurant.
    Highly recommend, as this is very rare place where we can eat real authentic japanese cuisine.

  • La Bonne Affaire | 01-Nov-15 |

  • Sauan | 17-Dec-12 |

    A friend of mine suggested to go this new place on my last visit to Geneva. I have been visited Europe so many time and ended up so disappointed with the quality of Japanese restaurant. In the US there are so many great Japanese restaurants where we can eat as good as Japan, but I was so disappointed all in Europe.The interior decoration was quite pretty, better than any other places in Geneva, mush more esthetic and authentic.
    When comes to the starter, I was delighted as I could taste just like the one I had had in my trip to Japan! The squid with the sea urchin sauce was so sweet and tasty, and a sesame tofu that I can’t even find often in NYC.The sushi was served at first an assortment of 8 nigiri with warm room temperature rice. This is exactly how we eat in Japan. The rice shouldn't been COLD like takeout sushi, or turning table sushi!!! The slice of fish was thick and rich. They had all sweet taste that is a rare case in Europe. Then we had a second portion of sushi, called Aburi, slightly grilled nigiri sushi that enhanced the taste of each fishes and 6 pieces of Maki. The dried seaweed was so tasty and tender in those maki that I've never eaten outside of Japan the same quality. The waitress explained to me that they import all ingredient by air such as different sorts of tea, bonito flakes and miso, and Nori (dried seaweed) and real dried seaweed for salad as they were fed up with eating a colored artificial salty seaweed salad. Anyhow, I am so thankful to discovered this new restaurant in Geneva, just next to the English garden, and will be back again!

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