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Les commentaires de Timdog

  • Luigia | 04-Jan-13 |

    I like this place a lot. The food is good, not just the pizzas although they are the star of course. It's great at lunchtime with kids as it's so noisy no-one will even notice you, and the table football is popular!
    The staff are great, really a gold star for patience with kids running about and always smiling, although front of house could learn a thing or two from the waiters and waitresses. Good range of beers too.
    It's also unusual in that it has genuine atmosphere, something Geneva restaurants sometimes lack. Lots of fun in the evening, very lively.

  • La Bonne Affaire | 04-Jan-13 |

  • Le Dix Vins | 04-Jan-13 |

    Fantastic restaurant, heard so much about it and it was every bit as good as everyone said. The boeuf-carottes is lovely, but I was envious of my wife's entrecote with foie gras, it was as good as it gets!
    We found the wine by the glass delicious and not too pricey at all. It's not a cheap place, but it shouldn't be for the quality and service.

  • Camilo's Place | 08-Jun-11 |

    Like Expresso Club, only even better cos there's a terrace AND Camilo himself is there. Service is always top drawer, once you've been there twice he'll know what your first drink will be. Pizzas are excellent, I only ever have the Angelo which is probably the best pizza in Geneva, they're all pretty good though. Never blown away by dessert, but a free limoncello usually does the job. Downstairs area is pretty cool as well for a bigger group.

  • Chez ma cousine | 07-Jun-11 |

    Cheap as the (excellent) chips they serve, the 1/2 chicken really is the only thing to order here. Wine list is OK but they serve cold beer so not a big issue, this is a great place to come after a few beers, which sounds like an insult but to me is a compliment. There are very few places good for that in Geneva!

  • Le Relais de l'Entrecôte | 07-Jun-11 |

    Still the king. The first restaurant I ever went to in Geneva, and if I ever leave Geneva it'll be the last one as well. No stress about ordering, amazing meat with the best sauce ever, AND a second helping! Epic. Clearly the chef gets bored cooking steak and chips all day though, as the desserts are way up there. If you're not driving, it's a Coupe Coronel, otherwise le Vacherin du Relais is the winner for me. I'll be back again and again.

  • Le Bistrot du Boucher | 07-Jun-11 |

    Love this place. Yes they do great steak, but so do lots of places. I love this place because the atmosphere is friendly and kind, the service is top quality, and the dessert trolley is amazing. The chocolate log was possibly the richest thing I've ever eaten, and the first dessert in a long time that I couldn't finish. Awesome!

  • Kakinuma | 06-Jun-11 |

    Simply amazing, the thon gras rolls are unbelievable, actually everything is. Bring your wallet and a blindfold for the bill, but it is really worth it, and be sure to book ahead.

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