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  • Le Carnivor Vieille Ville | 02-Sep-16 |

    Frozen vegetables, packet sauces (their own is perhaps the exception), average meat for carnivore restaurant.
    Great location, doesn't have to worry about quality
    I challenge you to find this anything like value for money

  • La Bonne Affaire | 02-Sep-16 |

  • Le Boccalino | 02-Sep-16 |

    I've been here a few times and the food has been average, but its convenient. However I have to say I had the Vegetarian pizza last night and it was possibly the best I have ever had. My wife was disappointed with her Tuna pizza, hence only 8 *

  • Brasserie du Parc des Eaux-Vives | 02-Sep-16 |

    Very disappointing.
    The sunset over the lake was spectacular, but the food was very poor. Both our dishes were clearly using frozen meat, the price for a little veal, mashed potato and a few other mouthfuls of accompaniments was over 40chf, the wine list suggests that those with deep pockets and feel that it must be good if they pay top dollar. I don't need to pay 300chf for a wine I can buy in (an expensive) wine shop in geneva for 42chf,
    Really poor
    Service was good, but a little casual, and perhaps lacks personality

  • Mon Idée | 05-Feb-12 |

    Good food, sometimes a little wacky on its flavour combinations, but still worth a visit - but please - you need to get something which is kid friendly.
    There is too little to suit kids

  • La Romana | 15-Jan-12 |

    very popular at lunch times - so they make little effort - food, but not brilliant

  • Pad Thai | 15-Jan-12 |

    very good, quick, home made food

  • Tsé Yang | 22-Dec-11 |

    I went with a large group for the business lunch.
    The staff were stuffy to the point of rudeness, one member of staff assumed the table were only french speakers and spoke to his colleague in English - everyone around the table speaks and works in English. Some of the staff need to be fired. The food was good, but as previously mentioned, the portions are very small. I asked my colleagues afterwards how they rated it, and none said they would return, but everyone agreed it was tasty.
    Its a shame - they sell the view and the food is actually tasty good quality. Bigger portions, and pleasant friendly staff and it would not have to rely on being in a hotel.

  • Mr Pickwick Pub | 01-Sep-11 |

    beer burger and loads of atmosphere
    a legend

  • Kudeta | 01-Sep-11 |

    good food
    wish the tables weren't so close though

  • Le Grill at Kempinski | 01-Sep-11 |

    lunchtime service awful
    food good but not exceptional

  • Miyako | 01-Sep-11 |

    very well prepared food - kids love itexpensiveI find if they are empty they are charming
    If I go with my colleagues in suits, they are charming
    if you are a family and they are busy.....rude

  • Snack Bar Kubata | 01-Sep-11 |

    it is very simple food
    well cookedrecommend if you want ribs, or chicken with fries - cooked well great place - not at all posh

  • Le Darshana | 01-Sep-11 |


  • Restaurant Awash | 10-Jun-11 |

    Its cheap and cheerful - but actually the food is very tasty - don't be put off by the outside

  • Le Cigalon | 10-Jun-11 |

    still best restaurant in Geneva

  • Sansui | 17-May-11 |

    Food was very good - I was told this was the best Japanese restaurant in Geneva, perhaps not the best, but I will return

  • Kakinuma | 17-May-11 |

    very very good food - hard to get a table for lunch unless you book

  • Mon Idée | 17-May-11 |

    the food is very good, quite unusual without being weird.the only thing I found annoying was the bar music and the restaurant music were different and clashed. Once you notice - its a little annoyingI'm surprised they are not full every night

  • Le Rouelbeau | 31-Jul-10 |

    very good food, definitely worth a visit
    don't be put off by the location

  • Cheval-Blanc | 31-Jul-10 |

    excellent food - highly recommend
    great location

  • Les Vieux-Chênes | 31-Jul-10 |

    Good food, very kid friendly, we've been several times and never been disappointed.Value for money

  • Le Mont-Salève | 24-Jul-10 |

    It used to be the best restaurant in Geneva, sadly the meat not as good, service not as good....perhaps it can recover. I hope so.

  • Lady Godiva | 24-Jul-10 |

    very good for a lunchtime snack. Pub food as it should be served, not fancy, not high cuisine, but excellent choice.

  • Road Runner | 24-Jul-10 |

    Its a burger bar, but undoubtedly delicious burgers, cooked to perfection. A fast food restaurant a million miles from Big Mac. Twice the price but 10 times the quality.

  • Gandhi Café | 24-Jul-10 |

    good quality food - never disappoints, certainly I always leave well fed, the staff are friendly, but I warn you if you ever get home delivery, the service was a 3 hour wait, and when you ask for a time, they are in chaos (they lose a star from atmosphere for their extreme and surprising rudeness). stick to visiting and its fine, then its good food and good service.

  • Rasoi by Vineet | 24-Jul-10 |

    It's probably the most expensive Indian food in Europe, but quite honestly I think its probably worth it. If you like Indian food go and try the ultimate experience. Very high quality cuisine, but at Geneva prices. forget how much the bill will be and enjoy the experience.

  • Nirvana | 24-Jul-10 |

    the food is a good quality, made from authentic spices, lots of different flavours, whether my 8 stars is worth it depends on your budget. A truly good quality, but you can spend a huge amount.

  • Kudeta | 24-Jul-10 |

    food is of a consistently high quality, certainly one to revisiteveryone on the group enjoyed their food and the experience

  • Sawasdee | 24-Jul-10 |

    extremely friendly service, they do an excellent take-away service as wellif you like your food to be spiced up, then ask, and they can Thai I have found in Geneva, and Thai is probably my favourite cuisine

  • Chez Kei | 24-Jul-10 |

    All chinese food is expensive in Geneva, this one has a nice atmosphere, and a reasonable standard of food. Its not going to make number 1 in any category, but I drift back there from time to time.
    Kid friendly

  • Lipp - Brasserie | 24-Jul-10 |

    I think the quality of food has improved, the brash staff attitude is marginally better. Over-priced, but in the centre. Its good reputation is deserved, but its not exceptional.
    good for a lunch or a dinner, there are better options for that special occassion

  • Le Cigalon | 24-Jul-10 |

    If you like seafood, then this is probably the best restaurant in town. Away from the over-priced centre, you can still pay a lot here, but come away knowing its good value.
    I eat in many restaurants around the world, and this remains a little known favourite.
    Why its not number 1 is beyond me, but perhaps the Genevois don't like seafood.

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