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Les commentaires de ILoveFood

  • Edward's | 03-Aug-07 |

    Addictive sandwiches. The one in the center is much better organised than the one in Coop2000 in Eaux Vives. The sandwiches are great, the people are trying hard, but they really ought to find a system not to mix up sandwiches...

  • La Bonne Affaire | 03-Aug-07 |

  • Clubhouse | 03-Aug-07 |

    Geneva can be different afterall. I like it because its different and wait for it; smoke free!

  • Chez ma cousine | 03-Aug-07 |

    You either love it or hate it. I hate it, my wife loves it. The roasted chicken is really good, but I cant have it more than once in 3-4 months. Service is ok.

  • Le Relais de l'Entrecôte | 03-Aug-07 |

    Meat: Excellent
    Menu: 1 Dish
    Service: Poor
    Tables: claustrophobic
    Why is it such a success: ???

  • Le Cheval-Blanc | 03-Aug-07 |

    Nice restaurant, excellent food, good presentation, very accomodating host / owner. A tad too expensive for my taste.

  • Le café du Centre | 03-Aug-07 |

    I had a few business lunches and dinners there, hence I am cant remember how expensive it was. The food was fairly good, including the meat dishes (the Simmental Beef is really great), the service soso.

  • Molino | 03-Aug-07 |

    Great location for people watching in summer (outdoors). Eat elsewhere and go there for a coffee and dessert, the food / service are not worth it.

  • Gandhi Café | 03-Aug-07 |

    The problem is there is no appreciation for proper Moghul Cuisine in Geneva despite a reasonable desi/UK population. This is a typical Indian restaurant, nice decor, way too expensive for below average food. I wish somebody would set a higher standard for Indian cooking in Geneva. Bringing a propoer cook from India or the UK might be a good idea.

  • Shahi Indian Food Delivery | 03-Aug-07 |

    Average foods. The kebaps are good (as they should be in Pakistani joint), the food it too expensive and takes too long to get to the table. Staff is mostly accomodative and know their stuff around desi cooking.

  • Da Paolo | 03-Aug-07 |

    Excellent Italian food, pizza amongst the best in town, beware, weekends are packed. Friendly staff, quick service, tables too close together to have intimate conversations, so enjoy the food and get intimate later :)

  • La Boursière | 03-Aug-07 |

    Beautiful spot to sit outside in summers peoplewatching. I like their salads, very big portions, accomodative staff. Good value for money.

  • Roberto | 03-Aug-07 |

    A true feeling like in Rome, I went with regular clients every time I went, so the attention of the staff was very good. The food is good (great Lasagna) and I really love it for a true Italian feeling.

  • Mr Pickwick Pub | 03-Aug-07 |

    Good authentic pub, good pub food.

  • Spaghetti Factory | 03-Aug-07 |

    Predictable place, some very nice dishes, reasonably priced. Always a safe bet if you like Spaghetti...

  • Arirang | 03-Aug-07 |

    Food is good rather than excellent. The staff is very friendly and try hard, which is exceptional in Geneva. Daily menu good to very good, good value for money.

  • Matsu | 03-Aug-07 |

    Some staff outright rude (particularly the old lady who receives guests), the sushi is ok, sashimi soso, soups are fine. Used to go very often for lunch, but no more.

  • A-NAM (II) | 03-Aug-07 |

    Plate de Jour is usually good, so is the menu. The staff are not very attentive but I like the deco.

  • Les Voyageurs | 03-Aug-07 |

    Nice location opposite gare des eaux vives, the owner is an excellent host. The mushrooms and fillet des perches are to die for, a real gem in Geneva.

  • Chat-Botté | 03-Aug-07 |

    Limited menu, good quality food.

  • Auberge de Floris | 03-Aug-07 |

    Great view, superb food, amazing presentation, one of the best spots in the Geneva Region. My only complaint would be the maître de service, which is, as so often the case, very snooty.

  • Little India | 03-Aug-07 |

    The least bad choice for Indian food in town, very courteous staff and they also prepare dishes that are not on the menue once in a while which are great. They get most of the basics right, the roti is good, so is the lassi. Generally too oily for my taste. Stick with the mugal dishes, the south indian food is not as good.

  • Salsabeel | 03-Aug-07 |

    As much as I like the owner and ambiance, I cant help but give a bad rating for the food, it really is nowhere near a match to the average Pakistani "tabba". The chef's apron which is always dirty does not help either. It all reminds me a bit too much of Pakistan, except, the quality of the food. Great shop and again, praise to the owner for his courtesy, but its just not enough. ***

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